Tailored For Your Project

Because projects go through various phases: planning, predesign, design, procurement, construction and post construction, construction management services are very broad and encompassing. Each project as well as the owner’s, client’s and/or team’s needs and desires are unique, and as such, construction management services and assistance need to be tailored.

It is best to involve R A Kelly Construction early on in a project’s development process as an experienced construction manager can bring much value to the implementation of a project.

The following is a listing of the general services and assistance that R A Kelly Construction can provide. This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Please see R A Kelly Construction’s Construction Management Experience to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the potential assistance and services that could be provided.

General Services and Assistance

  • Preliminary investigations, planning and feasibility assistance
  • Cost estimating, life-cycle and schedule analysis
  • Permitting assistance
  • Selection and management of consultants, contractors and design process
  • Project management and delivery, including alternative delivery methods
  • Assistance with contract documents
  • Evaluation of materials and equipment
  • Design/construction review
  • Assessment of risks and critical issues and management strategies
  • Sustainable design and construction/LEED®
  • QA/QC
  • Procurement of critical materials or equipment
  • Bidding assistance
  • Contract administration and management
  • Agency, public and stakeholder coordination and outreach
  • Construction observation and management

Looking to improve the outcomes on your project?