• Lake County, CA

    Water Supply Study, Lake County Main Jail – Lake County, CA

    Study of potential off-site water supply, storage and transmission alternatives for serving a new complex.

  • Agana, Guam

    Golf Course Irrigation System – Private Developer, Agana, Guam

    Project engineer for the design of an 18-hole golf course irrigation system that included a lake intake structure and pumping system with surge protection.

  • Tucson, AZ

    CAP Water Treatment Plant Improvements – Tucson Water District, Tucson, AZ

    Project engineer for design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for various repairs to the 120 mgd CAP water treatment plant’s ozone, flocculation and filtration systems.

  • Burien, WA

    Conceptual Engineering Report – Highline Water District, Burien, WA

    Project manager for the preparation of a conceptual engineering report that evaluated various alternatives for increasing fire flow and pressure in an area known as Three Tree Point. Alternatives included booster pumping, connections to adjacent water systems and new water lines. The District’s existing hydraulic water system model was used to analyze different scenarios. One […]

  • Feasibility Study – County of Sonoma, Bodega, CA

    Feasibility study for water supply, treatment, storage and distribution facilities to serve the community. Both groundwater and surface water supplies were investigated and evaluated. Surface water diversion and a small package water treatment plant were determined to be the best apparent alternative. Due to extreme seasonal variations in stream flow, raw water was to be […]

  • Water Supply Pipeline Review – City of Petersburg, AK

    Project manager for an independent engineering/peer and constructability review of contract documents for the construction of 8 miles of a 20-inch HDPE water supply pipeline and access road and a 4 mgd booster pump station.

  • Diversion, Treatment, Pumping and Storage Facilities – Timber Cove County Water District, Sonoma County, CA

    Project engineer responsible for the design of surface water diversion (infiltration gallery in a creek bed), treatment, pumping and storage facilities. Both groundwater and surface water sources were needed to help ensure a reliable supply. Groundwater was high in iron and manganese. Treatment consisted of a 40 gpm package water treatment plant with provisions for […]

  • Surface Water Supply System – Jarvis Vineyards, Napa County, CA

    Preliminary engineering study of lake water and groundwater supply, treatment and storage facilities for a new winery. Groundwater required iron and manganese removal. Lake water was of good quality. Conducted pilot study and preliminary design of a direct filtration treatment system for treatment of lake water.

  • Wrangell, AK

    Water Supply and Treatment – City of Wrangell, AK

    Prepared a preliminary feasibility study for the supply of 3.0 mgd of water to the City of Wrangell from a sub-alpine lake located on another island following hydropower generation. The main project elements included a dam, penstock, powerhouse, substation, 5 miles of marine pipeline, booster pump station, transmission main and treatment facilities. The investigation also […]

  • Preliminary Water Treatment Design Report – Valley Water District, WA

    Project manager for preparation of a preliminary/basis of design report for a 125 gpm arsenic, manganese and iron treatment plant and ancillary facilities. Preliminary construction costs were estimated to be about $1.5 Million.

  • Sewer and Water System Feasibility Study – Carson City, NV

    Project engineer/manager for preparation of a preliminary sewer and water system study for the East Highway 50 basin/service area (473 acres). The study investigated and evaluated alternatives and determined sewer collection and water distribution system improvements. The water system was modeled, and improvements were determined using WaterCAD. Improvements for two different land use scenarios were […]

  • Petersburg AK Water Treatment Plant

    Project engineer/construction manager. Assisted with the design of flow control; flocculation facilities and metal building; refurbishment of filters including: underdrain, media, surface wash and provisions for filter-to-waste; standby power; clear well storage; and HDPE lined, backwash storage reservoir improvements of an existing 4 mgd surface water treatment plant. Obtained necessary regulatory approvals and permits, including […]