• Wastewater Management Facilities – Middletown, Lake County, CA

    Assisted with the preparation of the facilities plan for wastewater collection, treatment and disposal facilities for the community. Designed and prepared plans, specifications and estimates for facultative treatment ponds, effluent storage pond and a spray irrigation reclamation system. The design of the storage and spray irrigation systems required the preparation of a complex water balance […]

  • Wastewater System Replacement Study – County Sanitation Districts of Orange County (CSDOC), CA

    Assisted in the preparation of a financial wastewater system replacement study. Inventoried and determined the replacement and refurbishment costs and lives of CSDOC’s 100 mgd treatment facilities over a period of 100 years. CWC cost estimating software was used to help estimate various treatment system costs.

  • Wastewater Treatment Alternatives Evaluation – Olympic Resource Management, Port Gamble, WA

    Project manager for the preparation of a preliminary engineering feasibility study which evaluated various treatment and discharge alternatives for redevelopment of the historic community. Alternatives for marine discharge and reclamation (irrigation and infiltration basins) were evaluated.

  • South Central Force Main Replacements Final Design – Kitsap County, WA

    Project engineer for the preparation of specifications for both Schedules 1 and 2, including assistance with various aspects of the design, such as transient analyses using MWH software, pipe loading analyses using Excel & MathCad and QC. The project also included the addition of 6,500 feet of 18-inch HDPE reclaimed water transmission main parallel to […]

  • South Central Force Main Replacements Preliminary Design – Kitsap County, WA

    Project manager for the preparation of a preliminary design report that investigated and evaluated alternatives for replacing 3,300 feet of 12-inch AC sewer force main with 12 or 14-inch force main (Schedule 1) and 6,500 feet of 30-inch Techite sewer force main with 30-inch force main (Schedule 2). Transient analyses were conducted on both projects […]

  • Sewer and Water System Feasibility Study – Carson City, NV

    Project engineer/manager for preparation of a preliminary sewer and water system study for the East Highway 50 basin/service area (473 acres). The study investigated and evaluated alternatives and determined sewer collection and water distribution system improvements. The water system was modeled, and improvements were determined using WaterCAD. Improvements for two different land use scenarios were […]

  • Bremerton WA Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Project Engineer. Performed a study of disinfection system alternatives for a 5 to 25 mgd CSO WWTP that included: 1) Improvements (scrubber) to the existing gaseous chlorination system; 2) Hypochlorination; 3) Ultraviolet irradiation; and 4) Dechlorination using sodium bisulfite and sulfur dioxide. Assisted the City in obtaining a CCWF grant and prepared plans and specifications […]

  • Port of Seattle Aircraft Wastewater Facilities

    Project engineer/manager for predesign and final design of aircraft wastewater receiving facilities, pump station and forcemain. Provided typical engineering construction oversight and support services. Construction was in the area of aircraft operations and required special design considerations/requirements as well as a high level of construction coordination and safety measures. Assisted the Port with post construction […]

  • King County Juanita Bay Pump Station

    Design lead/project manager for environmental, civil, electrical, architectural and structural design of a 30 mgd, $20 million, multi-level pump station to replace an existing station that had reached its useful life and provide additional pumping capacity. The design was made especially challenging by the station being on a small site located in a residential area. […]

  • Kitsap County Pump Station 7

    Project manager and engineer for preliminary design, final design and construction of pumping system and conveyance improvements to an existing, aged and under capacity pump station on a very small site that was adjacent to a stream. The improvements provided near term capacity as well as capacity for future growth in the pump station’s service area.