Project Description

Project Engineer. Performed a study of disinfection system alternatives for a 5 to 25 mgd CSO WWTP that included: 1) Improvements (scrubber) to the existing gaseous chlorination system; 2) Hypochlorination; 3) Ultraviolet irradiation; and 4) Dechlorination using sodium bisulfite and sulfur dioxide. Assisted the City in obtaining a CCWF grant and prepared plans and specifications for hypochlorination and dechlorination facilities. Participated in a peer and value engineering review. Prepared a one-year performance certification for the dechlorination facilities. Presented a paper on the dechlorination facilities at a Water Environment Federation specialty conference.

Prepared project specifications for a $5 Million WWTP improvement project that included: FRP packed tower scrubbers; FRP hypochlorite storage tanks; fans and FRP ducting; aluminum covers for biotower, primary clarifiers, sludge thickener and headworks; headworks building and facilities (screening, aerated grit removal); upgrading primary sludge pumping; sludge dewatering and handling; hypochlorination system; dechlorination system, chemical feed building and systems. Assisted with construction management services. Assisted in post construction negotiations with the manufacturer on the warranty and replacement of the grit collection system’s chain that was prematurely failing.

Project Details

Location Bremerton, WA