Construction Management Experience

Planning through Post Construction


The following is a summary of Mr. Kelly’s construction and construction management experience.


  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary investigations and analyses
  • Technical and non-technical writing


  • Preparing project procedures guidance manual that contains the contract, outline of the design team, responsibilities, communication protocol, QA/QC, etc.
  • Conducting, assisting with, and review of, predesign investigations, analyses and studies to assess the general project area, site, existing facilities and various design and construction alternatives
  • Coordinating and leading discussions with project stakeholders regarding the alternatives
  • Coordinating with utility agencies for mapping, utility locates, locations (horizontal and vertical), material, size, etc
  • Coordinating with contractors and equipment and material suppliers regarding various construction requirements, approaches/methods and costs
  • Preparing and conveying associated requirements, construction costs, issues, advantages and disadvantages for the various alternatives through technical memoranda and pre-design/construction review meetings
  • Assisting with fast-tracking design and construction, such as, owner-furnished equipment on critical/long lead items, working directly with contractors, etc
  • Coordinating and working with regulatory agencies and assessment of potential environmental and permitting issues and requirements
  • Coordinating and assisting with LEED/sustainable design with the design team and consideration of LEED/sustainable design and construction elements, features and measures
  • Assisting with project funding
  • Providing peer/independent review and assistance with value engineering


  • Consideration and selection of A/E firms and specialty consultants and contractors
  • Preparation of design contracts, including scope, schedule and budget
  • Managing and overseeing design process, typically multi-disciplined teams, progress/schedule and budget
  • Reviewing consultant work products and invoices
  • Preparing and overseeing the preparation and coordination of PS&Es
  • Preparing design technical memoranda
  • Considering and preparing major equipment schedules in contract documents to allow owner to compare and select preferred equipment
  • Considering and preparing unit price, lump sum, additive/deductive and allowances in contract documents depending on the project and situation
  • Coordination with contractors, equipment and material suppliers regarding critical or of concern design and construction requirements, approaches/methods and costs (e.g.,shoring, dewatering, temporary bypassing, traffic control, delivery of long lead or critical items)
  • Consideration of various design and construction approaches/methods and ideas and ways to achieve construction savings, particularly on major construction items
  • Conducting quality control reviews of contract documents, including independent reviews by others, and participating in design/PS&E review meetings at key stages during the development of the contract documents. Preparing meeting agendas, notes and responses to comments
  • Coordinating with utility agencies if upgrades, relocation of facilities or shut-downs were required
  • Coordinating with local and regulatory agencies on permitting, design and construction requirements
  • Addressing and verifying that environmental and permitting requirements were properly addressed in contract documents
  • Preparation of permanent and construction easement documents
  • Contractor qualifications
  • Consideration and preparation of incentives and penalties for fast-track construction
  • Coordinating with contractors on interest in project and qualifications if contractor qualifications were required
  • Conducting public involvement and outreach
  • Developing construction schedules
  • Assessing potential construction issues and high risks, strategizing and providing various measures to help and fairly manage and allocate such risks
  • Consideration of the layout/staging area(s), project site and adjacent areas regarding potential impacts and issues during construction and providing appropriate mitigation measures
  • Consideration of the execution, sequencing and phasing of critical construction activities/work
  • Preparing and overseeing the development of material and equipment inspection and testing requirements
  • Preparing and reviewing construction management services/plan
    Independent reviews


  • Investigating and developing potential bidders list
  • Coordinating delivery of contract documents, information for bidders, advertisement and publishing
  • Responding to bidders questions
  • Conducting pre-bid/site visit meetings
  • Preparing and issuing addenda
  • Bid openings and evaluations
  • Dealing with bid protests
  • Notices of award
  • Selection of construction representatives


  • Resident CM or engineer
  • Routine construction observation
  • Construction contracts, insurance and bonds
  • Notices to proceed
  • Conducting preconstruction conferences
  • Issuing list of submittals required, schedule of values, procedures and requirements
  • Preparing conformed construction documents
  • Managing submittal process. Reviewing and coordinating reviews and comments on submittals
  • Responding to RFIs
  • Coordinating with on-site construction representatives, public, agencies and clients during construction
  • Resolving field issues
  • Preparing and reviewing field reports
  • Conducting and documenting construction meetings and site visits
  • Monitoring and documenting construction schedule and progress
  • Coordinating, monitoring and documenting compliance with inspection and testing requirements (QA/QC)
  • Progress payments
  • Work directives for desired or necessary field changes
  • Change orders
  • Monitoring project site safety
  • Coordinating temporary bypasses, shut-downs, tie-ins and utility relocations
  • Resolution of non-conforming work and failing/failed equipment
  • Facility start-up, testing and commissioning
  • Resolution of design and construction issues
  • Resolution of claims
  • Preparing punch lists
  • Substantial completion

Post Construction

  • Equipment and system issues and use of forensic engineering to assess and resolve issues
  • Resolution and negotiation of claims with contractor and equipment manufacturers
  • Liquidated damages/penalties
  • Equipment/system training of O & M staff
  • Record drawings
  • Spare parts, equipment O & M manuals and warranties
  • Final punch list
  • Final change order(s), payment and completion
  • Project closeout

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